It's All About the BLAHs

Jan Sutton Talks About The Reasons WHY You Need Insurance Coverage is a podcast production of Indieloo - It's Your Place For Your Show. Discover your voice...Tell your story...Grow your business through audio storytelling.

Jan Sutton has served the insurance needs of her clients for nearly 40 years. She is an active member of her community and currently serves as the Chairman of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce. She is also an avid Clogger. Listen to her story...

In this thirty minute episode, we discuss:

  • The BLAHs
  • Understanding why you need to review your coverages
  • A look at the realities of liability
  • Risk comes in many forms
  • Let's Dance!

Listen to this enlightening episode of, hosted by Bill Hornbeck below ...

The Show Notes

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