Understanding the Home Mortgage Loan

John Clark, Area Market Manager for New Penn Financial, provides insights into the mortgage loan process and the best way to plan and prepare for a successful purchase of a new home.

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John Clark is a 22-year veteran of the mortgage lending industry with unique insights into the process of buying a home and arranging a the financing.

John walks us through the proper planning and preparation steps to reduce the stress points that may exist if the new home buyer does not understand step #1. John has developed customized solutions to create early-stage pre-qualifications and smooth loan processing that help mortgage loan applicants move swiftly toward the move-in day!

In this thirty minute episode, we discuss:

  • Why the buyer's first step should be to meet with a lender
  • What type of loan term will match your long-term goals
  • Common misconceptions about buying a home
  • What are the documents and processes associated with arranging a home loan

Listen to this important episode of MarketStreet.fm, hosted by Bill Hornbeck below ...

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